Above Ground Planter, Rolling Bush and Hedge-A-Matic
Large planters are designed to work with standard 4' wide trellis panels for venues where large landscaped backdrops are needed or movable elements are desired.

Size: Planter 4' wide x 23" x 30" tall
Rolling Bush  Base - 24" deep x 48" wide x 28" tall; Trellis Back - 48" wide x 8'-6" tall x 2" thick standard, custom height also available in 2" increments
Finish: Planter - fiberglass "fibercrete" - color to match client color chip, Screen - standard finish and colors.
Options: Planterorder with 4' wide x up to 6' tall trellis panels, mount with #5135 Planter Straps. Taller panels require additional support.
Rolling Bush - May be ordered with or without casters.
Column Planter - use for mounting standard radius columns to 14’ height, use #5132V mounting clips.

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The Hedge-A-Matic series shown at the left features modular combinations of planters with screen variations...visit the Hedge-A-Matic page for more details.

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